Live streaming is the latest and best way to set your business apart from your competition and create an inclusive experience for your employees all while letting you interact with people in realtime.

Broadcast an event or conference
The most common form of live stream is to broadcast a seminar, conference or event. This is the best way to get your message to the most people possible. Studies have shown that even if it is a paid event, live streaming does not lessen the attendance to the event and in fact raises attendance year over year.

2. All Hands Meeting
Traveling for business in the modern age is work, not to mention expensive. Bringing team members from different parts of the country or the world is costly and time consuming. Having the president or CEO travel to the different branches often causes the message to drift from place to place. Live stream your All Hands meetings. Its quicker, cheaper and you can keep your message consistent.

3. Product Launch
How do you get your new product in front of your distributors or customers? You could travel to different companies and demonstrate your new product. You could send out letters, post cards or emails about it but what if the customers/distributors have questions? Then they have to phone you or write to you and what if they don’t take the time? Then you’ve lost a customer without even knowing it. The better solution is to live stream your product launch. You can let your customers/distributors know before the live stream and they can watch and ask questions live while you demonstrate your new product. Live streaming is interactive so you can find out immediately what your customers are thinking about your new product.

4. Present Your Message to the World
Your company might not have a product to sell but you still have a message you need to present to as many people as possible. You have a message, live stream it to the world.


4 1/2. Get Your Business Noticed
Much like this 1/2 a point, live streaming gets your business noticed. With live streaming you can interact with the world and they can interact with you. No support team, no phone banks. Just you and your message together with your customers and their questions, all in real time.


Live streaming gets your message out to your employees or your customers, launches your product, and adds thousands to the attendance of your event or conference all while letting viewers interact with you and your company.

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